Rainbow Tape In Hair Extensions

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Available in vertical or horizontal patterns. 
Proceeds will be donated to Borderland Pride. 
Limited quantities available.

Care Instructions

Step 1: Wash and dry your hair.
Step 2: Locate the spot you would like your extension.
Step 3: Section out a thin piece of hair that is about 1/8 inch thick. This piece of hair will be
sandwiched between the extension.
Step 4: Peel the backing off the first piece of the extension and place it sticky side up under your slice
of hair, at the root. Then take the other piece of extension and place it on the top of your slice of
hair. This will sandwich the hair between the extension.
Step 5: Firmly press the two pieces together.
Step 6: When shampooing hair, please take care and wash in cool water. This will help the longevity
of your colour.
*Simplicity takes no responsibility for damaged extensions from improper installation or use.